Carla Vico Greensolver France

Carla is the Managing Director of Greensolver France and has been with the company for over 7 years’. Her experience across the renewable industry, and particularly wind, is extensive. She has held numerous positions within operations and has successfully managed large teams.

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  1. When did you join Greensolver and what does your role involve?

I joined in 2013 when Greensolver became independent. I started as the Technical Director, managing the asset management and construction. At the time we didn’t do advisory, so I managed to build this service too to have our main 3 services set up. This year I became the Managing Director of Greensolver France, looking after the French region, south Europe and Africa.

  1. How long have you worked in the renewable energy industry for and what were your roles leading up to now?

I’ve been in the renewable industry for almost 15 years! Before Greensolver, I worked at Iberdrola  in the technical team, gathering all the operational experience of all the contracts, from assets as all over the world. I was in a team where everybody was an expert on different parts of the wind turbine. After that role I came to France with Iberdrola to manage all assets Iberdrola had in France.  This period was great for me as I learnt a lot, first technically and secondly in terms of team management, consequently I stayed there for 7 years.

  1. Why did you want to join the renewable energy industry?

For me, the opportunity to work in the renewable industry from the beginning appealed to me to do something that could have an impact to help the environment. I thought it had great potential and I think today that I was right!

  1. Why did you want to join Greensolver specifically?

I spent a long time in a very large company and when the opportunity at Greensolver arose I thought it was a great chance to build something from scratch. When I joined, the company had just gone independent, so it was my responsibility to manage the whole technical team and participate in the strategy of the company. This was a new, exciting challenge for me and looking at where we are now, we have grown significantly and it’s great to have been a part of that.

Something that also attracted me a lot was the fact that the CEO at the time I joined had lots of ideas, lots of energy and listened to new perspectives – I just had a good feeling!

  1. Do you think the industry could do more to promote diversity?

Yes. Today, in the industry, there are lots of technical jobs out there with not many women filling them unfortunately. The industry itself is very young and is keen to involve women, however, on the technical side of things, I still do not think we are there yet.

I think having conversations and publishing things like this are good! The industry is very welcoming to women and we need to move with this momentum and get more encouraging women to enter in this sector, and if they are technical better.

  1. What advice would you give to someone wanting to join the renewable energy industry?

This is a difficult one as it obviously depends on the role…I would say, try to join a company that fits with your ideas, with ears for innovation and that can welcome new ideas.

  1. What’s your favourite part of your role?

I enjoy having contact with lots of different people. First of all, the Greensolver people as I believe we have a great team, with a good ambience, and I enjoy my role helping others. I love feeling valued and that people often come to me for advice.

I like being involved in the strategy and decision making, whether that’s with new services or countries!

  1. What do you find most challenging about your role?

I would have to say that during this COVID situation everything has become more difficult. I don’t enjoy not being able to meet clients and customers in person, making it more challenging to build relationships.

  1. Where do you see the future of Greensolver going?

We have a very good perspective in the 3 year plan. With financial backing, we have big plans for new services and markets. Definitely an exciting time for Greensolver.

  1. Where do you see the future of renewable energy going?

The sector is booming. If we need to choose an energy form that will have longevity and is robust, renewables is it. Knowing that we are far more invested and knowledgeable about climate change and people are starting to become more conscious is great for the sector. I really believe that renewables is the place to be as the future is huge!

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