As an investor, managing risks is your key concern. When making an investment into a PV plant, there are many factors that can increase your risks. These can be split according to the stage of development, construction and operation of the plant.

During development stage

  • The expertise of the EPC contractor is one of the most important factors during the PV project planning stage. Great performance losses can occur during the operation of the plant because of an incorrect or non-optimized plant design.
  • The selection of the PV technology and components are also a key parameter for the performance of the plant. Wrong choices as appointing low-quality components in order to reduce costs, can drive unexpected loss of production or potential safety issues. The location of the plant is a crucial point for the component selection regarding the environmental conditions such as humidity, salinity, temperature or altitude.
  • A good yield assessment of the plant is a crucial part for avoiding unexpected losses during the operation stage. The uncertainty of the simulation depends on a great number of factors such as meteorological data, shading losses, electrical equipment losses, plant’s degradation, etc. Careful mitigation of these parameters can provide more accurate assessment for the profitability of the plant.

Greensolver summary

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By Clément VinetTechnical Asset Manager