Part of our comprehensive technical and financial advisory services are energy yield assessments.

With more than 21+ GW of renewable energy projects audited since 2008, Greensolver is one of the most experienced actors in the solar and wind market. We have performed renewable energy advisory services, including energy yield assessment, all over the world.


Site pre-selection

  • Use of wind/solar resource maps to identify potential areas of development
  • Site specific analysis: Use virtual met masts (any location world-wide) to examine local conditions and estimate the energy production.
  • Preliminary layout design based on previous site-specific analysis

Layout design and optimisation

  • Analysis of site measured data to define climatic conditions
  • Technology selection (class & subclass) according to climatic conditions following IEC 61400-1 and site constraints
  • Turbine siting in line with topographic conditions, site wind resource and constraints

Measurement mast campaign

  • Design of the measurement mast campaign:
    • According to best international standards (IEC 61400-12-1, MEASNET)
    • Use of Remote Sensing Devices (LiDAR)
  • Supervision of equipment commissioning/decommissioning
  • Met mast data monitoring:
    • Regular data downloads/checks to ensure maximum availability
    • Data processing to eliminate inconsistent values
    • Data analysis of the measurements

Energy yield assessment

  • MCP analysis to increase met mast availability and for long-term correction using reanalysis sources (ERA5, MERRA2, CFSR) or virtual met masts.
  • Wind shear analysis
  • Wind modeling using linear or CFD software according to site complexity
  • P50 yield study with losses
  • Uncertainty study with P75, P90 and P99 calculations

Grid curtailment calculations

  • Wind farm power optimization based on grid capacity
  • Loss calculations due to complex grid curtailment scenarios

Site suitability and load assessment

  • Site Wind Climatic Conditions
  • Wind Turbine Class Analysis
  • Fatigue Loads


Post-construction energy yield assessment

  • Monthly production figures normalization using SCADA data
  • Long-term reanalysis sources correlation
  • P50 long-term energy estimation
  • Uncertainty study calculation

Wind farm repowering/extension

  • Technology selection according to historical meteorological data and identified site constraints
  • Layout design optimization based on measured data and identified site constraints
  • Energy gain estimation

Loss production income calucation

  • Loss production calculation as a result of a major event / fault.
  • Compensation calculation for insurance companies

Neighbouring wind farm wake studies

  • Study of the AEP reduction impact due to wakes produced by new or existing sites.