Greensolver renews its ISO 55001 standard certification.

Greensolver, the independent renewable energy service provider, has just renewed its ISO 55001 standard certification, dedicated to asset management best practices. By obtaining this standard, Greensolver demonstrates its commitment to managing effectively and sustainably its clients’ assets.

With renewable energy investors always looking at ways to secure their investments and portfolios it has become mandatory for them to work with qualified asset managers adhering to international standards of excellence.

How is the ISO 55001 standard helping Greensolver clients?

The new ISO 55001 standard ensures expertise, as it proves the existence of strong processes for technical, administrative, and financial asset management. This standard is, therefore, a guarantee of rigorous, reliable, supervised, and efficient asset management.

Renewing this standard is another indication of Greensolvers’ intention to lead the field of wind, solar, and storage asset management. Greensolver also demonstrates to its customers its ability to tightly manage their assets to maximise profitability throughout their lifespan.

“The whole Greensolver team is dedicated to creating value for its customers and to offer the best quality of service. With this new standard, our customers are now assured that they will benefit from the best quality of service but also that we will do everything we can to optimise their assets’ performance. We worked hard to secure this standard. This demonstrates our professionalism and our will to perform ahead of the competition” said Carla Vico, CEO at Greensolver.

Greensolver has now recently renewed all of its certifications (ISO 9001, 14001, 55001, and 45001), covering all its fields of expertise.

About Greensolver

Greensolver is a global player in the renewable energy sector and is an independent service provider for wind, solar, storage, and biomass plants. Greensolver has 2GW under management and has assisted with a total portfolio capacity of 24GW in advisory services.

Greensolver enables a higher deployment of clean energy by optimising the generation and capital investment performance of renewable energy assets. This is done through the main core services; construction management, advisory services, (including support through the PPA process), technical and commercial asset management.

The organisation has over 55 employees and has conducted work in over 25 countries, with 7 offices across Europe.

If you would like to find out more about our asset management process, or any of our other ISO accreditations, get in touch with the team!