Most wind turbines have the high voltage transformers installed within the nacelle area. Many developers/owners of these assets never consider the environmental implications of these HV devices being installed in this challenging environment.

Consideration needs to be taken into account from the development stage to ensure the appropriate type / rating transformer is installed within the turbine. Particular attention needs to be around the physical settings and parameters. Far too often owners find that the HV transformers are alarming due to high temperature, resulting in lost production. This is generally due to inadequate cooling, or, monitoring sensor parameters not being correctly configured.

During the selection process of a turbine the suitability of auxiliary equipment needs to be considered and ensure it will operate accordingly with the environment it will operate in. Particular scrutiny needs to be completed during the handover phase of the asset to ensure all the parameters are installed as per the design.

Long term proactive planning will ensure your turbine yield is not compromised by the wrongly installed HV equipment.

By Stephen Horry – UK Technical Director