As technical expert and manager of more than 860 MW of wind & solar assets, we would like to emphasize the importance of having a technical expert who will take away the burden of daily operation of your assets by managing both the technical and commercial sides. Indeed, managing an asset is a tedious work which requires to source all the competences internally, which you may not have.

When operating a wind or solar asset, our primary goal is to run efficiently the asset and to improve its performances. Hence, you’ll find below a resume of what should be mandatory included in your technical management contracts:

  1. Daily monitoring

Monitoring on a daily basis the asset activity is key to ensure its production. Monitoring your asset on a daily basis and not a “regular” one will ensure you to have the right actions taken, at the right time in case of interruption or faults. A good daily monitoring will also ensure that preventive maintenance is planned in due course and curative maintenance performed when a fault occur in the farm.

  1. Ensure inspections

Here, we will differentiate two types of inspections:

Site inspections:
Site inspections are not mandatory but truly recommended. Here at Greensolver we recommend that your technical contracts include at least one site inspection per year, to be conducted by the asset manager himself. Indeed, not only those inspections will allow to detect faults that cannot be seen through daily monitoring, but are also useful to control the Maintainer’s/Contractor’s quality of work. Once inspection is done, a complete report should be sent to you with if needed, actions to be taken.

End of warranty inspections:

A good technical asset manager needs to ensure that warranty inspections are performed before their termination for both wind and solar assets. As technical expert, we make sure to plan end of warranty inspection ahead of their termination in order to ensure that any default will be taken under the manufacturer’s warranty.

  1. Ensure respects of norms and standards on-site

At Greensolver, we make sure that your dedicated asset manager as a deep knowledge of norms in place in the asset’s country. We therefore, guarantee that your asset is fully compliant with:

  • Laws & regulations on site,
  • Prevention plan in place
  • HSE plan
  1. Monthly reports delivery

Finally, you must ensure that an operation report is delivered on a monthly basis. In order to be efficient, we recommend that the report include:

  • Production data of the plant
  • Maintenance history within the month (MTTR & MTBF)
  • Activities performed on the plant – Punch-list of current matters and major contractual points to be careful about
  • Target and comparison of forecasted output with analysis

All the tasks mentioned above are truly recommended by our experts and are mandatory in all of our TCM contracts. If you’d like to assess your contractor, we have elaborated a quiz to rate its performance, we truly recommend to take it!

If you require an expert point of view on your contracts or would like to challenge us on our TCM offers, do not hesitate to contact us.