When developing a wind farm project, an energy yield assessment can be requested at different phases of the project. For example; in the pre-construction phase to build the business model, in the operating phase to renegotiate the debt, etc.

Based on the MERRA-2 dataset, Greensolver has recalculated the long-term correction factor of various energy yield studies performed using the initial MERRA dataset.

In certain cases, these revised correction factors could present differences of 2% to 2.5%. If we then take an example of market leading turbine models (with rotor diameter ~100m), and assuming average wind regimes (~6m/s @100m), such wind variations could result in (yield variations up to 5%).

For this reason and because best practices are continually evolving to provide more secure results, the revision of former energy yield assessments is highly recommended at crucial stages.

By Perrine Bugeat – Asset Manager