This agreement sees Greensolver provide technical wind energy due diligence report on 18 MW project using latest Gamesa G97 turbines.

Paris, 2nd September 2015

Greensolver, the independent renewable energy asset manager, has been selected by Belgian renewable energy generator, Elicio, to provide a technical due diligence report on the Gamesa G97 technology and the O&M set-up for an 18 MW wind project in Picardie, France.

Conducting the wind energy due diligence

With the wind industry looking to secure continued investment, and, in this case, bring new technology to market; ensuring that lenders and investors are able to validate crucial early decisions is key to safeguarding future interest from the fund community.

The Elicio order will see Greensolver provide its procurement advisory services to conduct an audit on the Gamesa G97 turbine technology and the O&M set-up in France.

“The challenge that developers and investors face is knowing which purchasing decision will provide the best and most consistent performance over the lifetime of the project” said Carla Vico, Technical Director, Greensolver.

“By working with an experienced and independent third party, developers and secondary investors can have the confidence that the turbines chosen provide the best return on investment, and that the following O&M agreements are of good value.”

Mr. Peter Goderis, Director Engineering & Construction at Elicio commented: “In bringing new technology into our project, we were looking for some neutral third party analysis and expertise to validate our purchasing decision. Commensurate with this was also the desire to understand exactly what our operations and maintenance package would provide, too.”

Partnering with Greensolver on this assignment enabled us to assess our options and make a decision that was not only good for the initial supply agreement, but will also provide us and our project investors with confidence for the lifetime of the project.”

About Greensolver

Greensolver is a global player in the renewable energy sector, and is an independent service provider for wind, solar and storage plants. Greensolver has 2 GW under management and has assisted with a total portfolio capacity of 25 GW in advisory services.

Greensolver enables a higher deployment of clean energy by optimising generation and capital investment performance of renewable energy assets. This is done through the main core services; construction management, advisory services, including support through the PPA process, technical and commercial asset management.