wind farm fibre optic cablesProblem

Wind farm optical fibre cables can result in serious defects and loss of communication if damaged. Damage can occur on these cables as sometimes they are buried directly into the ground, without any protection (reinforcement or sheath). With this, the risk of communication incidents increases. Another instance where wind farm optical fibre cables can become damaged is due to rupture. This can be caused by pests (rodents) and, in a lesser extent, by crushing due to ground movements.


With the 3 step plan, as outlined below, defects in wind farm opitcal fibre cables can be easily identified, replaced and fixed.

  1. When communication with the plant is interrupted, the first step is to identify the cause. If it is due to a rupture of the optical fibre, an analysis, via reflectometry, has to be performed. This in order to locate and characterise the nature of the defect.  This technique, based on the reflection of waves, will be able to identify if the cable is damaged on a single location or several, and if the rupture of the cable is total or only partial.
  2. Once the defect has been localised, a trench is dug to reach the communication cables in order to access the damaged section. However, as the optical fibre is frequently buried with high voltage cables, the shutdown of the wind farm or a part of it is necessary.
  3. The defective section is then replaced with a brand new fibre, connected to the existing cable through junction boxes. Reflectometry tests are then carried out again in order to assess and control the effectiveness of the repair.

wind farm fibre optic cables

How can Greensolver help?

In order to minimise production losses (caused by unidentified wind turbine downtime due to the absence of communication) a long term and profitable solution has to be implemented. Greensolver recommends either to install protective sheath or a steel-reinforced optical fibre – at least on the sensitive areas of the wind farm – in order to reduce the risks of a new rupture of the optical fibre.

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