To Repower or to extend the lifetime of a wind farm?

That is the question.


What is the best solution for my wind farm: Repowering, lifetime extension, or decommissioning?

In the second half of an operational wind farm’s lifetime, owners and operators are often faced the question of what to do with an aging wind farm. Greensolver can help you make an informed decision!



How Greensolver can help    


To enable life extension, the wind turbine components should have sufficient remaining useful life. Greensolver will assess the structural potential for lifetime extension of the wind turbines, using aeroelastic load simulations that comply with industry standards. and considering the site-specific climatic conditions and the wind farm specificities (layout, curtailments, neighboring wind farms…).

Greensolver will combine this analytical assessment with a practical assessment based on a visual inspection and a review of the wind farm maintenance records. This practical assessment provides a realistic picture of the turbine’s current health status and predict potential near future failures.

Based on these assessments, Greensolver will come up with the best technical solution for your wind farm future. If repowering is an option, Greensolver can provide expert technical advice on the selected technologies and layouts, as well as provide detailed energy yield assessment of the new configuration.

Greensolver can also delve into the PPA opportunities for your asset, with our dedicated PPA Advisory team. 




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Written by Edward Burin Des Roziers , Advisory Consultant