Tower oscillation faults can often be overlooked as they can stop your wind asset for such a short period of time, asset owners do not believe that they are worth investigating.

However, a tower oscillation fault can be a sign of a much larger problem that can cause major downtime for an asset owner and lost revenue. These problems can include minor disruptions in the magnetic field of a turbine generator, ground subsidence and incorrect Anemometer alignment.

Although tower oscillation faults often start out minor, where the wind asset usually restarts itself or can be reset remotely, they usually grow to a point where the wind asset cannot be reset and major downtime occurs.

At Greensolver, we highlight any tower oscillation faults that occur on the wind assets we manage, and we ensure that they are correctly investigated to prevent future downtime and lost revenue. We also carry out detailed turbine inspections where these issues can be easily identified and promptly rectified. This hands-on approach ensures that we can eliminate down time due to tower oscillation issues, in effect, increasing the asset revenue for our clients.

By Jake Mason– Windfarm and Turbine Inspection Manager