Reliability centered maintenance (RCM) focuses on utilising the data from an individual asset to better meet their maintenance requirements. This is better than going by the manufacturer’s maintenance program, which does not utilise specific asset data. RCM utilises more specific factors such as:

  • the location of the asset is in a specifically windy or wet location
  • operating hours
  • performance data
  • ascertaining data of dominant failure modes and determining their causes and consequences of failure.

Successful implementation of RCM will lead to an improvement in cost-effectiveness, less asset downtime, and a higher production forecast.

Reliability centered maintenance can be used to create a more cost-effective maintenance strategy to address the main causes of equipment failure. It is a more innovative approach to defining a routine maintenance program composed of more cost-effective tasks to preserve important functions. One of the main functions of RCM is a maintenance program that focuses on better utilisation of scarce economic resources on items that would cause the most disruption if they were to fail, whilst also increasing asset performance and a decrease in asset downtime. RCM focuses on promoting the use of predictive maintenance, in addition to more traditional preventive measures.

Therefore, correct utilisation of reliability centered maintenance can lead to a decrease in required maintenance. This then results in a decrease in the amount that the asset owner will have to pay a maintenance company and an increase in asset production. This will lead to an improvement in the management of an asset and a proportional increase in profit margins.

Greensolver asset management and technical advisory experts can assist you with strategy implementation for cost-effectiveness and increased production of your assets. The correct utilisation of the reliability centered maintenance will ensure that assets are reliable and helps your organisation understand potential risks.

If you require further information or assistance, please contact the Greensolver team and we would be happy to help.


By Jake Mason – Wind Farm and Turbine Inspection Manager