Renewable energy repowering is a challenge but it can be a great way to improve your asset’s performance and extend its life. Before embarking on such a process, you should review the feasibility of repowering of each specific asset. It requires a thorough review on how it affects and what is the impact on Regulatory Issues, Technical Issues and Project Valuation;


  • Does the legislation allow me to repower my assets now, before the official end of life?
  • Does repowering really add value to my asset, once all costs are considered?
  • What technical modifications can I make on assets without having to launch a new authorisation procedure?
  • The FIT is coming soon to an end on my wind park and I am thinking of changing my turbines to put it larger ones – do I need to redo all administrative procedures?
  • I want to move just 2 turbines, keeping the same model, do I need to get new authorisations?
  • On my old parks, the environmental and acoustic requirements were much lighter back then, do I need to do them again if I changer turbines?
  • When you repower, do we need a new permit or a change of building permit?
  • My park is more than 10 years old an within 500m of houses, what can I do?
  • For a solar park, do we need authorisations to change modules, given we need to change them regularly?
  • How can I accelerate the repowering of my asset, to make sure I don’t stop production for long?
  • When I repower, do I keep my grid connection, or do I need to apply for a new one? If I need more power, do I have priority in the queue?
  • It seems that new protected species have settled near my park; can I still change my blades?
  • When I repower, how much of the original installation can I keep? Roads, foundations, cables?

…and so much more

What we deliver to you:

An initial brainstorm that enables you, with little financial exposure, to determine if a full renewable energy repowering analysis is necessary.

If this is the case, you then get a complete analysis of all the risks and steps required to perform the repowering, together with a financial impact valuation.

Advantages for you: 

You get a complete 360° analysis of the repowering potential of your asset and a process guide in only 4 weeks

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