Quality of Electricity Supply: Harmonics

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Photovoltaic installations can generate harmonics that are transmitted to the distribution grid, which hence leads to poor quality of electricity supply and penalties from the Grid Operator.

Electricity distribution and transport grid not only transport active energy with a perfect sinusoidal curve but also reactive energy, harmonics, etc. 


Regulation Standards

There are regulations at European level that establishes the characteristics of the electricity supply. The 2 most important standards are: 

EN 50160: 1994: VOLTAGE CHARACTERISTICS OF ELECTRICAL SUPPLIED BY PUBLIC DISTRIBUTION SYSTEMS:  This examines the harmonic levels of voltage (THD), voltage (V) and frequency (Hz) that in effect may cause problems in our facilities. 

IEC 61000-6-1: 2016: ELECTROMAGNETIC COMPATIBILITY (EMC): This details the operating conditions and compatibility of any equipment that is to be connected to the European electricity grid.  

In a photovoltaic system, as a large utility in self-consumption, the electrical quality produced can be measured at inverter level (voltage drop, micro-outages, harmonic disturbance, etc.) 

What does Greensolver recommend to improve quality of electricity?

Greensolver recommends the following measures to improve the quality of electricity, and thus avoid penalties. For example, injection or consumption of reactive energy: 

  • Perform Regulatory Inspections of Voltage and Low Voltage by certified bodies.
  • O&M and Asset Managers teams with training in:

.   – Quality of electricity supply. 

    – Capacitor batteries and reactive energy. 

    – Design of Photovoltaic Installations 

  • Installation of electrical energy measurement equipment to monitor the quality of the energy supplied.
  • Equipment (inverters, transformers, meters, etc.) with quality certificates that comply with European regulations.

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Written by Alberto Santos, Asset Manager