Greensolver held a webinar mid July to discuss the developments of the Polish renewable energy market. We explored this country, showcasing why Poland is an upcoming market, whilst demonstrating why we choose to continue to expand both our wind & solar portfolios here. The topics we focused on included:

  • Market entry restrictions
  • Auction systems and the 2020 auction
  • Grid constraints
  • Licencing procedures
  • Land, including smallholdings

We also presented graphs to demonstrate current capacity and plans for the future. This uncovered plans for 2030 and 2040 expected decrease in the use of coal and increase in renewable energy alternatives. From this, it’s clear both the short and long term potential for renewable energy is huge.

Katarzyna Siadak, Head of Business Delivery, led this webinar, alongside Ypatios Moysiadis, Global Business Development Manager.

The Polish renewable energy market webinar was greatly received by those who attended and so we would like to share the full video recording and presentation with you.

Ensure you have downloaded the PowerPoint slides here.