As well as providing our core services, Greensolver also provide many additional services to increase renewable asset performance.

Whilst Greensolver may be best known for its core services, we can also provide you with many additional services to further boost renewable asset performance. These can be for varying clients,  technologies and needs.

Some of the most popular additional services are listed and described below.


Remedial works

Policy creation

Site and equipment inspections

Risk mitigation strategy

Annual review and inspections

Data analytics

Using our specially built, in-house analytical tool, we are able to conduct in-depth analysis on a singular turbine or a whole wind farm, including all major components analysis. This allows us to predict potential failures before they arise into larger scale problems.

Emergency planning (ER plan)

We’ll create a comprehensive HSE pack for the SPV and try to get the local services involved to get in touch with authorities, paramedics, police etc.. This is so that if there is ever an issue, the authorities are able to intervene.

Contract negotiation

We organise the full tender and negotiate on your behalf. It allows you to obtain the best conditions from the contractors. As we see dozens of contracts in asset management and due diligence, we know the best market practices.

End of warranty inspections

Greensolver end of warranty inspections are specific to your assets. It’s the owners final opportunity to hold the OEM/manufacturer to account for any defects not impacting the contractual availability warranty.

Performance optimisation

This involves many things and is the end goal of what we do. Measuring plant performance, cost reduction, financial structure, legal and contractual negotiation, technology updates, people engagement.

Thermal imaging

Thermal imaging, conducted by ariel surveys, allows us to find hot spots, ie. junction boxes with any contacts that could create higher heat losses and induce performance degradation.

Ground surveying and monitoring

Contractual visual inspections with our own punch list.

I-V curve measurement

This is an electrical check on the ground, string by string, on a small sampling of the PV plant.

Blade inspections

We can visually check the blades or use thermal imaging using our own checklist and equipment. If needed, we can do an in-depth, independent blade inspection using a drone or a ground-based camera.

Internal thermal imaging of turbine components

This service can be conducted to detect any particular problems. For example, if the cable is coming loose, we can detect temperature difference and notify the manufacturer.

Pitch performance analysis

This service is conducted on site with a third party contractor.  The turbine stays in operation and we monitor the blade pitch angle and detect any blade misalignment/wrong angle. It can affect the performance 2-3%.

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