A unique and anonymous energy benchmarking tool for wind & solar assets to improve their performance & their profitability.

Greensolver Index enables like for like comparisons of assets across more than 45 Key Performance Indicators.

  • 1700MW signed up into the tool!
  • Assets in UK, Germany, France, Netherland, Spain, Ireland & Italy
  • Over 20 different models and assets ranging from 15 year old parks to newly commissioned farms.

As your asset suffers from hazardous wind or irradiation conditions, the main lever to increase your asset performance is the O-M optimisation.

Thanks to Greensolver Index you can identify the tasks to accomplish, in order to increase your investment’s profitability. You are now able to follow and compare your wind or solar asset performance thanks to reliable and homogeneous indicators.

Greensolver Index is a full web application energy benchmarking tool.

Once the contract is set up, your wind or solar data are uploaded into Greensolver Index.

All data remains anonymous and protected.

Once data is uploaded you get access to the user friendly Greensolver Index interface and tables which will allow you to track and compare your asset performance.

Your indicators will be compared to the Greensolver Index universe.

For each analysis, you will be able to apply filters:

  • Dates
  • Park
  • Location


Analysis available for solar parks:
  • Global horizontal irradiation (GHI)
  • Capacity factor
  • Inverter availability (manufacturer and model)
  • GHI quartiles
  • Specific yield (kWh)
And for each analysis you can drill down by:
  • Maintenance provider
  • Park type: roof top, ground mounted, solar canopies
  • Tracker in place



Analysis available for wind assets:
  • Wind speed at hub height
  • Availability
  • Performance ratio
  • P50 and P90 deviation
  • Type of Downtime (preventive, corrective maintenance, grid outage…)
  • Number of failures and downtimes
  • Maintenance indices (MTTR and MTBF)
You can then drill down in detail by:
  • Turbine manufacturer
  • Maintenance provider
  • Turbine model
  • Hub height
  • Rotor diameter
  • Commissioning date

See the demonstration of Greensolver Index:

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All data remain anonymous and protected.