Paris, France – October 12, 2023 – Greensolver, a leading renewable energy asset management services company, and PowerUp, a provider of cutting-edge battery analytics software solutions, today announced a new partnership agreement. The partnership came after a competitive benchmarking process set up by Greensolver to identify the best-fitting battery analytics solution for their asset management purposes. Under the terms of the 5-year agreement, PowerUp’s Battery Insight® solution will be offered to Greensolver’s clients to optimize the safety and performance monitoring of battery storage assets they have under management.

“We are excited to partner with PowerUp to offer our clients a best-in-class battery analytics solution, as we continuously look to create environmental & financial value,” said Greensolver Head of Asset Management Benoit Chambon decision-making to maximize the value and lifetime of our assets under management.”

PowerUp’s Battery Insight® solution uses advanced algorithms to analyze field data from battery storage assets and optimize their performance & safety in a variety of use cases, including energy arbitrage, frequency regulation, and demand response.

Unlock asset value and reliability through performance optimization and safety monitoring

The agreement lays the groundwork to use PowerUp’s Battery Insight® solution on selected assets under Greensolver management, the startup being now listed as the key provider of Battery Analytics solutions for Greensolver’s clients.

The scope of the agreement covers all of Battery Insight® indicators related to performance and safety: the performance-related will support the operators’ decision-making process in maintenance scheduling, use arbitrage and lifelong asset management. The predictive safety indicators will be a key addition, with the intelligent alerting system able to detect battery defects and prevent irreversible damage up to 12 months before standard solutions usually do; taking into account the specific use profile of each BESS, Battery Insight® solution integrates the specifics of each asset in the equation.

“PowerUp and Greensolver both thrive on being independent, performance-driven players supporting a clean energy transition that creates real value” said PowerUp CEO Abdelkrim Benamar. “Our common values give meaning to our partnership, and we look forward to onboarding asset owners, power producers and developers to help them better grasp the link between battery performance and overall project performance.

Five of Greensolver’s assets under management in the United Kingdom have already been identified to spearhead the implementation of the partnership; a first contract has already been signed for Hallen, a 32 MWh BESS owned by integrated power producer Voltalia, providing frequency management, balancing and other ancillary services to the UK grid, locally and nationally. Each subsequent tripartite contract will include access to Battery Insight® solution under the preferential terms of the agreement, enabling asset owners to further maximize their project value.

The partnership between Greensolver and PowerUp represents a significant leap forward for the asset management community. By combining their expertise, the two companies are well-positioned to help their clients maximize the value of their battery storage assets and support the transition to a clean energy future.

About Greensolver

Greensolver is an independent technical advisor dedicated to wind, solar and BESS assets supporting investment funds, banks, IPP, utilities, and corporate off takers for the energy transition. Founded in 2008, Greensolver is now an established bankable technical advisor with more than 50GW of track record in Asset Management, Technical Due Diligence and PPA advisory all over Europe.

About PowerUp

PowerUp develops advanced battery analytics software solutions to ensure safe, reliable and sustainable battery operations. Based on 15+ years of research and 10+ patents, PowerUp generates key battery monitoring indicators to detect and prevent at early stage battery hazards and maximize battery usage.

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