green hydrogen services

Green hydrogen, also referred to as renewable hydrogen, is a key contributor to the challenges of decarbonising industrial and economic sectors to achieve clean energy transition.

Technological innovation is a key factor in developing this sector and is also a major component in order to create valuable expertise.

Here at Greensolver, we are committed to growing our knowledge on green hydrogen services and assisting our clients when developing their energy storage solutions.

We offer our clients expertise in an advisory, consultancy and a construction management capacity. This includes:

– Modelling and optimisation of a hydrogen project including:

  • Analysis of electricity needs and their evolution (targeted studies, benchmark, reports…),
  • Optimisation under constraints of the whole H2 value chain through technical, economic, financial and regulatory characteristics.

– Structuring of the electricity supply

  • PPA,
  • quantitative studies,
  • economical and environmental gains

– Consultation, selection, negotiation, contracting

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