Greek renewable market

Greensolver are delighted to announce the opening of it’s new Greek office! This expansion into the Greek renewable market extends the existing list of European countries that we are based in.

We currently already have a strong presence in Paris, London, Dublin, Groningen and now more recently Greece, Portugal and Spain. By having bases in these countries, Greensolver are able to provide more and more services located in such areas, rather than conducting desk based services alone. This further adds to our already impressive portfolio of operating in 25+ countries, across numerous services and technologies.

Greensolver expands to Greece with a 400MW solar and wind portfolio. This expansion is not only to increase the development of the Greek market in both wind and solar assets, but to meet the demand from investors and asset owners for a dominant technical expert in the Greek market. To discover more on our expertise in the Greek renewable market, download our country overview from our free resources website page.

To further expand our portfolio, Greensolver is looking to grow through the presence of a highly qualified team of engineers and sales representatives who are specialists in the targeted Greek market. We look forward to the prospect of more future projects in Greece, both in wind and solar. Get in touch if you’d like to discuss more about the Greek renewables market.