The renewable energy industry is a fast-moving sector, particularly on the regulatory side these last months. Greensolver can get your team up to speed on the technological and/or regulatory side of specific technologies or markets.

Greensolver for example developed an e-learning module for investors, to present them with the energy market context and objectives, some definitions regarding the renewable energy industry, a presentation of emerging and proven technologies, and financing solutions such as corporate power purchase agreements and crowdfunding. This e-learning module was designed to be interactive, with the learner hearing, reading and answering questions throughout the 1h learning session. Greensolver also included a quiz at the end of the module, so that the learner could check his/her proper understanding of the e-learning content. This e-learning module was prepared in a close collaboration with the client, to meet their needs. The advantage of an e-learning module is that it can be stored on your training platform and be used at any time by your team members.

Another training solution offered by Greensolver is distance learning, via Zoom for example. A recent example is the delivery of a training session on the French O&M regulations for the wind industry for an overseas client. Greensolver delivered a presentation on the topic via Zoom, with questions and answers throughout the presentation. This format is well suited for people located in several offices, or for whom it may prove difficult to travel to an office.  Distance training sessions allow for more flexibility.

Lastly, Greensolver also delivers face-to-face training, as this still is a very good way to participate and actively learn on a new topic. Greensolver recently delivered  face-to-face training in a client’s office located in Paris, to present the different aspects of wind farms and PV projects in France, go through their life cycles, the main contracts, and the associated risks. This made for lively learning sessions, convenient for your team members working from the office.


Greensolver delivers customer-tailored learning solutions that meet your expectations. Contact us to learn more!