Wind turbine blade inspection services offer a cost effective service that eliminates increasing industry inspection inefficiencies.

Launching the service in 2015

Back in 2015, Greensolver launched its first wind turbine blade inspection service that provides developers, investors and utilities with a cost effective way to rapidly assess and monitor the condition of equipment.

The launch of the service marked a milestone in the evolution of the operations and maintenance market. For the first time, it gave owners and operators a credible means through which they could assess and manage the long-term condition of wind turbine blades.

What the service provides

The service, based on a Cornis camera, enables owners and operators to assess 6-7 onshore turbines, or a minimum of 3 offshore turbines, every day. This significantly increases the current speed and accuracy at which most traditional blade inspections are undertaken and provides a more comprehensive overview of short and long-term portfolio performance.

As part of the collaborative working agreement, Greensolver provide clients with comprehensive blade inspection reports in hard copy and via Cornis web portal. This bespoke analysis capitalises on high quality photographic imagery and the power of Cornis’s data processing and image enhancing core competency, combined with Greensolver’s knowledge of site operations and safety requirements.

The main benefits are outlined below:

  • Almost immediate health statement of 100% of the blades service
  • Long-term blade condition monitoring
  • Immediate single person mobilisation: reduction in the requirement of multiple people having to conduct this procedures leads to lower overall costs
  • Low health and safety risks
  • Reduced wind turbine downtime

Quote from Greensolver’s General Manager (UK)

“In maintenance terms, wind turbine blades are often referred to as the new gearbox,” said Stephen Bolton, General Manager, Greensolver UK.

“Ultimately what this means therefore is that when combined with the increased focus on driving down long-term operational costs and enhancing fleet performance, we need a suitable ISO55001 compatible long term inspection solution. Following an extensive market evaluation, we believe that with the Cornis Blade Inspection camera system we can achieve these combined goals and achieve significant budget savings simultaneously”

“Based on our own experience of managing an extensive European fleet, traditional blade inspection services that include rope access, mobile elevated working platforms, ground scope and the use of drones and helicopters are expensive, inefficient and arguably pose an unnecessary health and safety risk when used as the sole means of initial inspection. This, combined with the experience and feedback from our long-term retained client base, led us to a partnership with Cornis Blade Inspection.”

Service summary

The service has been incredibly popular at Greensolver since it’s launch back in 2015. By assessing the entire wind turbine blade health, potential risks and providing improvements to reduce downtime and increase energy yields, it’s a service not to go without!

To request for further information about this unique blade inspection service, please email us.