Greensolver become ISO 55001 accredited.

As the wind industry matures, the norms, processes and people that manage renewable energy assets need to become more professional, and this is why ISO 55001 becomes so important.

First created for industrials and infrastructure managers, ISO 55001 is also applicable to asset management. The main objective of this norm is to implement an asset management system which should allow a better optimization of investment and operation budgets, in order to ensure the best match between availability and cost of the equipment over their life cycle. Establishment of an asset management system leads to benefits such as improved financial performance, risk management, improving services and results, social responsibility of the company.

The indispensable ISO 55001 norm covers seven topics that need to be taken into account when implementing such a system:

  • Leadership & commitment
  • Objective of asset management & policy
  • Risks & opportunities management
  • Planning & operational control
  • Change management
  • Outsourcing
  • Performance evaluation

Part of the best practices in asset management is benchmarking. In the wind industry, today only Greensolver Index provides a true independent operational benchmark solution that enables you to meet those standards and more importantly continuously improve the performance of your assets!

Greensolver Index enables you to benchmark your assets Europe wide and give investors confidence that their assets are under ongoing active management.

The company has secured the ISO 55001 certificate for its renewable asset management business in early 2016.

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