How to mitigate the effects

If your plant is affected, we recommend for you to replace the modules under warranty. Greensolver can support you to assess the degradation and the losses induced through;

  • leading I-V curve tests
  • IR thermal inspections
  • aging tests with specialised laboratory

We can then choose the best solution to limit the degradation and improve your LCOE.

In addition, Greensolver can also support your negotiation with solar panel manufacturers. To help you, here is typical information for you to obtain:

  • Choose a Tier 1 panel manufacturer – they are the leaders in the solar panel industry, and they tend to use premium materials in their solar PV panels.
  • Avoid solar PV panels that use non-UV resistant solar backsheets to minimise risk.
  • Ask for the solar panel certifications – typically UL (UL1703) or IEC (IEC61215 and IEC61730).
  • Find out when the solar PV panels were manufactured and how they are stored.
  • Make sure that the solar PV panels have serial numbers.
  • The warranty of solar PV panels and what the warranty does not cover.

By Alison Aguile