Greensolver Finance, a subsidiary of Greensolver, has, on behalf of Acofi, a recognized player in the financing of renewable energy infrastructures, overseen for several years the commercial and administrative management of many solar and wind energy assets.

After a first collaboration in 2015 for the commercial and administrative management of Cestas SPVs, Acofi has entrusted Greensolver Finance with the commercial and administrative management of more than 70MW of renewable energy.

Beyond a regular working relationship, a true relationship of trust was established between Greensolver Finance and Acofi allowing the latter to work with the only independent asset manager expert in accounting, financial and investment management as well as in wind and solar assets technical optimisation. Greensolver Finance strives to improve the profitability of these investments through quality services and strong knowledge of investor expectations.

With Greensolver, we found a reliable partner who knows our business and, thanks to its responsiveness, has always been able to adapt to meet our evolving needs. We are convinced that Greensolver will keep on accompany Acofi in its projects of energy transition financing” – Philippe GARREL, Head of Infrastructure funds, Acofi Gestion

Greensolver Finance invests heavily and develops its expertise in depth to offer a customized solution for each of the projects it manages. Financial expertise from Greensolver does not stop at a simple sale of service but is always followed by suitable advices in order to establish a long-term trust relationship.  In other words, using Greensolver Finance for the commercial and administrative management of your SPV ensures profitability and durability.