Hydrogen is a key contributor to the challenges of decarbonising industrial and economic sectors to achieve Europe ’s clean energy transition.

Currently, to get hydrogen, we are having to burn fossil fuels, which, due to its unclean nature and producing 10kg of CO2, is referred to as grey energy.

Key actors in this industry are currently in Asia such as South Korea, Japan, and China. These countries have big ambitions related to this resource, mostly around the transportation industry.

As a result of this, we need to look to alternative, greener sources of energy such as nuclear plant or fossil with carbon capture (blue hydrogen) or renewable energy (green hydrogen).

The European Union has high demands for hydrogen, as there is already a consumption of 10 MT. This need will increase with a bigger use in the transportation industry, amongst others. Between 2020 to 2024, the European Union are supporting the installation of at least 6 GW of green hydrogen electrolysers and by 2030, the goal is to ensure this is at least 40 GW of electrolysers. Thanks to this potential capacity of electrolyser, the European Union would be able to generate 10MT of green hydrogen in 2030 which is equal to the current consumption.

With this in mind, many countries across Europe are aiming to dramatically increase their use of green hydrogen and become market leaders.

It is apparent that hydrogen is a key priority to achieving the green energy transition to a climate-neutral Europe. Hydrogen solutions are significant and will be mostly used to decarbonise the large range transport (such as trains, lorries, planes, boats), industry, power and building sectors. Therefore,  technological innovation is a key factor in developing this sector and is also a major component in order to create valuable expertise.

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