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The best solution to safeguard returns from wind projects
The only service which guarantees both wind & availability for a wind project

As of today, GreenBoost® is the only service which guarantees both wind & availability for a project over a period of 10 years enabling you to safeguard your returns and enhance bank cases.

Wind projects are great infrastructure to have in your portfolio as they have low and predictable costs (20% of revenues), high gearing ratios (up to 80%) and long-term PPA with State-guaranteed Feed-in Tariff schemes in most countries.

However, wind projects carry some risks:

  • Wind is highly volatile from year to year – with a direct & definitive impact on revenues
  • Wind turbines are electro mechanical machinery requiring maintenance and constant monitoring having a direct impact on availability


Wind guarantee

Based on historical data available for the wind project site on an hourly basis (MERRA/NASA data) and with the characteristics of the wind project (turbine type, hub height, power curve, wake effects, expected availability, expected P50), we assess the historical generation and price the wind risk. We then define accordingly the appropriate thresholds and limits in order to calibrate the guarantee.

At end of each period, a calculation of the index is performed (using MERRA data to which is applied the primary formula used to calculate the energy output).

Should the wind resource fall below pre-agreed thresholds, close to P50 expected production level, at any time during that period, a compensation will be due to the customer, with funds provided by an A-rated carrier partner. Equally, if the wind resource exceeds defined thresholds, a payment will be made by the customer.

Availability guarantee

Based on the availability guarantee provided by the turbine manufacturer we define a guarantee leveled at 1 percent above.
At the end of each year, a calculation of the availability is performed, and used to determine what guaranteed availability thresholds have been reached.
In the eventuality of below-par turbine availability, GreenBoost® will pay the customer compensation equivalent to the shortfall. However, should availability exceed expectations, the customer will keep 100% of the upside.


GreenBoost Guarantee

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Wind guarantee

Wind park of 10 MW (5 WTG of 2MW each) in France with 97% availability
The Project Co. receives compensation at -5% to -15% of P50
The Risk Carrier receives extra-revenues generated from +3% of P50 up to +10% 

Wind Guarantee Graph

Wind Guarantee Legend

Availability guarantee

Wind park of 10 MW (5 WTG of 2 MW each)
Guarantee of +1%, from maintenance provider to 98% Guaranteed availability

Availability Guarantee Graph

Availability Guarantee Legend

Improving project financials

GreenBoost® provides project owners with the availability to determine the exact annual revenue of a given wind farm during the contract period.

Reducing financial risk in this manner not only guarantees smooth returns but also increases those returns by enhancing the financing terms of a project.

Improving wind project financials
wind financials legend

Entrust recognized players

GreenBoost® has been developped by two recognized players on the wind market

Logo Greensolver

Leading independent third-party provider of wind & solar services:

  • Operation Management: 688 MW
  • Construction management: 889 MW
  • Consulting & advisory: 5.9 GW

Greensolver is certified ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 55001 and OSHAS 18001

Logo Newgreen

Independent advisory company acting in the renewable sector with an integrated approach: Industrial risk management – project financing – third party investment

  • Insurance: 120 MW
  • Project finance: 500 MW
  • Investment: 800 MW
  • Wind guarantee: 200 MW

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