Green Bonds Verifier

Providing independent assurance report
to determine eligibility of the Bond against
Climate Bond Initiative Standard.


With a record-breaking Green Bond issuance in 2017 (+76% between 2016 and 2017), the trend until 2020 confirms that the Green Bond market will continue to develop and complexify. Therefore, the need for investors to benefit from an independent third party not only able to certify the bond but also to guide them through their investments decisions is gradually growing. In this perspective, Greensolver has been certified on October 2018th “Approved Verifier” by the Climate Bond Initiative.



Definition: a Green bond is, like any other bond, a debt instrument. It offers fixed return, and a promise to use the proceeds to finance or re-finance, in part or fully, new or existing sustainable projects. The bond is voluntary and may be issued by a financial institution, the government or even a company to raise funds for a defined period. The issuer has to ensure that the proceeds are invested in green projects, such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, projects leading to reduced carbon emissions, etc.

Green Bond principles and criteria are evolving rapidly, increasing their level of complexity. Therefore, Climate Bond Initiative (CBI) has introduced a standard so issuers can have their bonds certified through a process:


Our offer

Our reports within the Green Bond Program is vital to certify the bond and can occur either pre- or post- bond issuance:
  • Second/Third party assurance: confirming assets to be financed comply with Climate Bonds Standards (pre-issuance) and/or the integrity of the label is maintained (post-issuance).
  • Verification of the Climate Bonds Certification: confirming that the use of proceeds complies with the Standards and sector specific criteria (pre-issuance) and providing assurance against the Standard in the allocation of proceeds to projects (post-issuance).

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