Minimize your blade risks

Exposed to both environmental risks & events (rain, ice, hail, snow...), blades are amongst the most at-risk component of a wind turbine.

Turbines downtime doubles over the years: 2.8 days per year in the first 5 years in operations, 5.3 in the last 5 years. Blade failure can contribute to up to 25% of the downtime, particularly in the second half of a normal turbine life.

However blades usually do their work in a discreet manner without claiming a major role. Very frequently when a maintenance budget needs to be reduced, the blade is one of the first elements to be sacrificed. But that is a great error. To inspect and to repair small deteriorations of blades regularly is one of the most effective strategies to avoid major increments in future OPEX.


Step 1: Audit & Risk Categorization Report

Risk Assessment audit

Greensolver performs an in-depth blade Risk Assessment Audit, to detect risks areas. The audit includes:

  • Historical data & defect history
  • Manufacturing process
  • Wind factors: wind shear, turbulence, orography
  • Meteorological events: thuder, icing, erosion impact
  • Blade inspection conclusions
  • Noise impacts

Risk Categorization report

Based on the audit performed, we provide a full Risk Categorization Report, including:

  • Asset overall risk categorization (from low to critical)
  • Risk mitigation technical solutions to be implemented

Step 2: Technical solution implementation

We implement the approved technical solutions on the blades. We continuously monitor technologies available on the market to provide you with the most advanced technologies.

Whatever the problem is, we always identify and design a tailor-made solution to be implemented on your blades:

  • HD blade inspection
  • Thunder detector
  • Erosion protection tape
  • Vortex generator
  • ...

Step 3: Monitoring & update

For the duration of the contract, we:

  • Monitor blade activities
  • Monitor implemented technical solutions
  • Provide a Risk Categorization Report, updated on a yearly basis
  • Identify performance improvements opportunities

Step 4: Constant monitoring & update

We monitor your blade activity and provide you with an upgraded improvement plan on a regular basis.

Bladesolver processus

A solution to be implemented anytime during the lifetime of the blade

Construction Operation Due Diligence
Manufacturing process quality audit
Negotiate insurance contracts
Blades taking over
Renegotiate O&M contracts
Decrease insurance fees
Reduce O&M fees
Assist buyer with blade related risks
Blades red flag audit
Blade inspections


Bladesolver is a 360° solution designed to improve your asset performance, through which you will be able to:

Anticipate Bladesolver
Corrective actions
Potential repairs
Production loss
Maximize Bladesolver
Production & performance
Asset reliability & lifetime
Maintenance program
Minimize Bladesolver
Annual insurance costs
Blade risks

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