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Wind & Solar construction management

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We have built long term and solid relationships with all the main suppliers, enabling us to ensure our customers benefit from the best quality service and most competitive prices on the market.
Our experience in construction of wind & solar farms spans more than 76 parks – 1,692 MW and we have managed the procurement of 427 wind turbines all over the world.



Building up a wind or solar asset takes time and requires to have strong knowledge in different fields. Our team of experts is here to assist you through those different steps

Project review

  • Technical feasibility study
  • Development & approval of technical studies
  • Authorizations & administrative permissions approval
  • Mapping study
  • Conceptual design development & review
  • Evaluation and selection of technical solutions
  • Budget determination (OPEX & CAPEX)


  • Requirements definition
  • Call for tenders management (specifications, bid analysis)
  • Suppliers identification
  • Contract negotiation
  • Wind turbine & solar equipment procurement
  • Transportation logistics

Construction supervision

We supervise the wind & solar asset construction.
  • Coordination of suppliers & subcontractors
  • Costs & budget management
  • Control the quality of works
  • Transport management
  • HSE compliance
  • Reporting

Commissioning review & supervision

Once the asset has been built, a final check before operations is necessary.

We assist you with all the taking-over works:

  • Technical documentation
  • Equipment / EPC
  • Balance of Plant
  • Grid substation



Construction tips for wind & solar plants

Building up a wind or solar farms takes time and commit large sums of money. This is why it is important to have experienced professionals managing the full complexity of it.

The pre-construction phase is crucial and requires experts to manage it, as this stage will determine the viability of the project. The main objective is to assess the technical coherence of the project through different stages and review: risk analysis of the project, creation of a mitigation plan, review of the documentation, technical studies and call for tender management.

We also manage the wind or solar asset construction, whether we’ve managed the pre-construction or not. It can be interesting for project developers to have an independent expert to manage this phase in order to ensure the quality of the project. More than ever, this is during this phase that we will make sure the project is going to be delivered on time, within the budget constraints and is fully HSE compliant.

By choosing Greensolver for the construction management of your wind or solar farm you make sure that your project is handled by our experienced team of professionals. We trust in processes which make things easier for you and us. This is why we’ve developed internal checklists & processes that we are constantly improving. We've always been the best in class.

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From construction to operation and advisory service, we are here to increase the profitability of your asset through our quality of services and deep understanding of the sector.