Reliability centered maintenance is quickly growing in popularity, apposed to a manufacturer’s maintenance program. It focuses on utilising the data from an individual asset to better meet the maintenance requirements of that asset. I believe that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will play a huge role in aiding this in the future. We could accurately analyse the performance of an asset and several other factors such as abnormal temperatures, status logs and asset output.

If we could accurately analyse the data of an asset, we could then successfully implement reliability centered
maintenance (RCM) leading to less asset downtime and a vast increase in revenue. RCM can be used to create a more cost-effective maintenance strategy to address the main causes of equipment failure, it is a more innovative approach to defining a routine maintenance program that would better utilise the scarce economic resources that we have. Correct utilisation of reliability centered maintenance would lead to a decrease in required maintenance and a decrease in asset downtime, therefore increasing the output of an asset and the maintenance costs.

By Jake Mason, Windfarm and Turbine Inspection Manager