Green Bonds

Greenbond emissions continued to rise in 2018 after a record growth of more than 75% between 2016 and 2017. It reached more than $150 billion at the end of that year. The trend…

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Greensolver Finance and Acofi Gestion, a unique relationship of trust

Greensolver Finance, a subsidiary of Greensolver, has, on behalf of Acofi, a recognized player in the financing of renewable energy infrastructures, overseen for several years the…

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The Ecological Transition in Motion: Installation of electric vehicle charging stations in the center of french cities by 2021!

Greensolver Finance, a subsidiary of Greensolver, is commissioned for two missions of accounting and commercial management in the scope of a major project for the ecological…

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A real success for the breakfast-conference of Greensolver

Wednesday, May 22th 2019, Greensolver, the independent technical expert dedicated to wind and solar, organized its first French Breakfast-Conference of this year.

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