Operations (TCM)

A complete end to end
solution to manage
your assets.


We don’t own asset and we never will. This ensures you to benefit from the best quality of services. This also ensures that we will implement everything we can, in order to improve your asset performance on the long term. Our wind & solar asset management service is provided by our experienced engineers and financiers. Our experience relies on 984 MW of wind & solar assets technically and commercially managed (including 861 MW of assets under TCM as of today).


Technical management of wind & solar assets

Technical management: we actively supervise and control production via our own control room, with proactive analysis of park fault alerts. We produce monthly reports that give a detailed and precise overview of the parks' performances. Assets are managed by one engineer who understands your requirements and knows your assets in depth.

Maximize production and availability

  • 7/7 Remote Monitoring and Troubleshooting
  • via our proprietary SCADA
  • Action in case of interruption
  • Proactive analysis of park fault alerts
  • Power and production curves analysis
  • Review of troubleshooting
  • Monthly detailed status reports per project
  • Analyze trends and share best practices

Monthly reporting

  • General data of the power plant
  • Maintenance history
  • Punch-list of current matters and major contractual points
  • Target and actual comparisons of the forecasted output, with cause analysis


Plan and ensure maintenance

  • Plan and track scheduled as well as corrective maintenance
  • Perform HTA electrical maintenance
  • Maintenance audits following every maintenance round



  • Manage land lease agreements
  • Manage relationships with local and regional authorities


Ensure the respect of norms and standards on site

  • Prepare facility prevention plans
  • Perform checks of the EHS Plan and emergency drills
  • Perform regular inspections to the site to assess the state of the project

Wind & solar assets commercial management

When you own a renewable energy asset, it comes with at least one legal entity per asset and a structured financing. It is a constraint of the business, and careful attention needs to be put in respecting statutory requirements as well as lenders covenants and reporting standards.


At Greensolver, we are are in charge of the commercial management of more than 80 wind & solar project companies and holdings, and have managed project loans totaling more than 600 MM€. Greensolver will work as a partner to meet your back-office needs. We provide you with an in-house service, where one of our expert will be dedicated to your asset.


Financing back office

  • Re-payment of project financing debt
  • Manage the relationship with Agent
  • Ensure respect of loan covenants


Administrative support

  • Land leases and administrative support
  • Invoice grid operator
  • Contract payments
  • Management of the fixed assets register
  • Management of plant insurance
  • Investment controlling
  • Management of legal support for company records


  • Coordination with the chartered accountant for accounting tasks

Cash Flow

  • Cash flow forecasting at company level

Operation tips

Why should you have an independent asset manager handling the technical and management of wind & solar assets?

Managing a wind or solar asset can be a tedious work, requiring to have internally all the required competences, which you may not have. In short, managing operations of a renewable energy asset is very complex activity with many issues to deal with. Asset management of wind or solar farms results in improving the assets performance & securing investments on the long term. Greensolver will take away the burden of daily operations.

On the technical side, we will ensure that your asset is running efficiently and safely thanks to our own control room and proprietary SCADA (Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition) working 7/7. A technical management report is sent each month so you have a complete overview of the asset performance and history.

For the commercial management, we provide you with our in-house service, taking care of all the administrative & financial aspects. Reports are provided according to the frequency define in the contract.

Moreover, most wind or solar asset managers will focus on the HSE compliancy and operational optimization of the renewable energy asset. Here, at Greensolver, we manage more than that: not only we make sure that your wind or solar assets are well performing but we also make sure that your assets reach their highest availability.

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From construction to operation and advisory service, we are here to increase the profitability of your asset through our quality of services and deep understanding of the sector.